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She'll cut her throat at ten...

...if she's mad at two.

4 September 1986
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i'll tell you what
there is plenty wrong with me,
but i fixed up a few old buildings
and i planted a few trees
children seem to like me
and animals too
like the birds and the bees
acting, action figures, animal rights, anime, asparagus, awkward moments, batman, being heard, being scared, blueberry muffins, bones, broken glass, card games, catching drifts, cats, charles bukowski, chernobyl, clive barker, closeness, comics, corvids, cosplay, creepypasta, danny huston, death cab for cutie, demons, dinosaurs, doc ock, dogs, dragons, drawing, dresden dolls, edgar alan poe, eels, elation, elliott smith, emily dickenson, erasure, excel saga, eyes, fallout 3, feeding fish, first impressions, flcl, flirting, foxes, free thinkers, friends, fursuiting, gargoyles, genetic abnormalities, ghosts, grey days, growling, h.p. lovecraft, hallucinating, haunted places, hiking, horror flicks, howling, hugging, hunches, hunter s. thompson, hyenas, individuals, infatuation, intrigue, jack kerouac, jumping spiders, kinship, kissing, leonardo alishan, libraries, listening, loverly stuffs, manga, masquerades, mister burke, morrissey, musicals, mutation, mystery, nochnoy dozor, nostalgia, nuclear reactions, oingo boingo, pawprints, peeling paint, photography, piercings, pocky, poetry, poetry slams, predation, protests, quiet, rain, raptors, rasputina, regina spektor, riverbeds, rorschach, royksopp, rusting things, scaring, scents, sculpting, shades, shiny stuffs, silent hill, skating, skeletons, slenderman, snakes, sneakers, soft things, soymilk, stop motion, storytelling, stuffed animals, subtlety, surprises, talking heads, tattoos, tension, the cure, the joker, the riddler, the smiths, therianthropy, tofu, tool, toys, truth, unicorns, valenth, video games, volunteering, walks, warmth, watchmen, wet pavement, william burroughs, windstorms, wolves, writing, zombies